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Netivot is a Montessori Orthodox Yeshiva Day School in Central NJ.


Netivot is an orthodox yeshiva day school in central New Jersey applying the Montessori teaching method to Jewish education. Netivot fosters an enduring love of learning by drawing on each child’s innate potential. Above all, we strive to help our students develop the habits, attitudes, skills, and ideas that are essential for a Ben or Bat Torah.

Netivot addresses the development of the “total child” – religious, social, emotional, physical, and intellectual. We always aim to provide our students with opportunities to deepen their sense of curiosity and wonder and strengthen their commitment to Jewish values and tradition.


In a Montessori environment, children learn at their own pace and in ways that work best for them as individuals. Netivot draws on the students’ unique potential, enabling them to meet and exceed academic requirements.

With all of its attention to individualization, Netivot still places a premium on cooperative interaction within the classroom. Learning to work well with others is one of Netivot’s most important lessons. Group projects allow the children to learn not only the material but also how to cooperate and achieve goals with individuals of varying strengths and skill levels.


Yeshivat Netivot Montessori is a Jewish day school dedicated to using Maria Montessori’s educational philosophy to revolutionize contemporary Jewish education. Montessori methodology has been in existence for one hundred years, and in that time span, Montessori schools have proven that they produce well-rounded, self-motivated, academically successful children who retain their love of learning and discovery throughout life.

“Follow the child” is the cornerstone of Montessori education, expressing the belief that children will succeed and thrive when their individual learning needs are met in a thoughtful, well-prepared environment with engaging, developmentally appropriate materials. In 2001, ChanaSzenes Mischel and Jennifer Kotzker, visionary mothers in Central New Jersey, set out to create an institution that would offer that experience to Jewish children. In over a decade, Netivot has grown tenfold, from a small group of children to over 145 children.

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As Jewish educators and parents, we have strong requirements for our children’s education. We want them to know at least as much as their “secular” peers, if not more. We expect them to be academically successful in their secular subjects and to have a comprehensive and extensive knowledge of Jewish tradition.

At Netivot, the educational, social, physical, and emotional needs of the students are all addressed in a healthy, nurturing environment. Netivot provides all children with an opportunity to fall in love with the process of learning. Here, students develop the ability, focus, and enthusiasm to grow both academically and socially.




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